Sequenz 01Projection: original size of the head of the artist/
The projection shows my face from the front. A hand rubs about seven minutes over my face. Rubbing the facial skin is an everyday action, which is usually performed when you run the risk of fatigue or other factors, such as Alcohol or drug use. On the border to lose control of your body and mind. This action is therefore an act of self-perception.
The image construction is inspired by the old masters portraiture. The face, which reddens, and the hand, which pales, are picturesque accents. Hiding the own face behind the hand is a simple act of retreat, a conscious depression in itself, a contact with your own body. The viewer of the video is thus a voyeur of a person who seeks privacy. At the same time the observation of the rubbing of the face releases a pulse of imitating this action, similar to the yawn. The action calls attention to oneself. The viewer must consciously control his body. In order to ensure the intimacy of the action of this video, the installation requires a quiet room situation.