Handeln ist sterben lernen # VIII _ english




„Handeln ist sterben lernen # VIII“

Performance/Video: Close to Hyde Park, London: Duration of 20 minutes,

interrupted by the police/ Place de la Bastille, Paris: Duration of 1 1/2 hours/

I am just lying in urban space, writing and drawing with a pen into a sketchbook
which lies opened beside me. I write and draw observations, reections and try to
greet strangers, walking randomly in urban space close to me. Irritated passersby
come closer, look at me, look into my book, read my writings and observe my
drawings. Some of them ask me questions: About the situation, about me and
what do I do. I answer them by writing and drawing into my book. ey react and so a
half-verbal dialogue occurs between me and the ramdomly viewer which becomes
more intimate the longer this situation durates. Lying in public space is a very
physical and also political act which is connected to thougths of helplessness and
social degradation. Additional this irritating situation creates a meta-level because
the viewer is not sure about my plans, my concept and my intentions.