Performance in Helsinki; several video projections of different people; The video projections are placed towards in the exhibition space/


A toilet of a private appartement in Helsinki.


1. Take off shoes. Just one person is allowed to enter.
2. Lock the door from inside.
3. Sit down on the toilet seat next to me.

Based on my previous video work „Smile“, I ask the visitor if he/she could smile three minutes into a camera, which is placed in front of him/her. Without a lively face towards them, the smile disappears slowly during this unnaturally long time. The smile becomes a self-reflexive act. The recipient has to deal with this irritating situation.The interview with the recipient after the smile provides a basis for further reflections of the situation:

„ … Yes. I was afraid I wasn´t smiling. So I wonder what that tells about me that I cannot smile. If I can not smile even three seconds. So that…

I would say that… ahmm… I maybe think that I have just some kind of pessimistic way of life or way of think that I can not smile.

I am afraid that might be. And I… so that… It is strange that if no one can smile… or anyone can not smile more than three seconds, that was the surprise for me. If that is true what you have noticed. So I have thought that some people who are joyfull, they would smile at least three minutes.“