Palais de Tokyo and public space in Paris, France / the performance lasts up to three hours and is repeated for three hole days by three actors at the same time (Simon Pfeffel, Fei Chen and Marie Lienhard) / 2017


I offer „I will carry You!“ in the museum space of the Palais de Tokyo in Paris to the audience while just waiting on a chair behind a table. Interested strangers ask me how this action will work and what will happen while the performance. I answer them that the easiest way to experience this action is to just do it. After the irritated observer climbs on my back, I begin to walk through the Palais de Tokyo and we talk about possible aims of our action. Two strangers are instantly intimately connected. On a certain point I leave the artistical space of the Palais de Tokyo to enter the public space. We reach a huge staircase beside the building and I explain the next step of my performance to the carried person: She/he now shall take my hand and hold me in a constant state of limbo on the top of this staircase.

After my counterpart grabbed my hand I explain this person that if he/she wants to leave this situation, he/she has now two options:

  • to let me fall down the huge staircase
  • to convince another random stranger passing us to take his/her place in this action

The performer becomes the passiv observer and the carried person becomes the actor vice versa. I stay as long as this and other persons hold me in this position. I start a dialogue about the expectations of the viewer of this action, about time, about everyday life situations which become irritating at a certain point.