September 2015/ Performance/ Berlin/ three days, each: Two hours
I am lying on the ground, cubbles under my back. A person is standing on one end of my body, close to my head. The standing actor holds a stone of the size of 1/2 of my head at his/her chest height over my face. This situation provokes thoughts of slowness and standstill in the minds of the viewers. At the same time the recipient is challenged to think about what will happen, if the stone falls onto my face. After a long duration, nearly five minutes, the standing person releases his/her hand from the stone, it falls. I evade with my head and lie again in the previous position. The person takes immediately a new stone out of a backpack lying close to his/her feet and holds this again over my head. The performance durates two hours. In this long duration tension gets released by standstill and becomes intense tension again.